Read a Few Life-Changing Testimonies From a Few People Who Were Ministered To By Pastor Harmon

I have known Pastor Barrye personally for more than 25 years. Pastor Barrye guided me through a very difficult divorce by helping me to build a stronger relationship with the Lord. I began speaking with Pastor Barrye, and I confided in him about my recent troubles. Pastor Barrye helped me renew a closer relationship with the Lord. He helped me to understand how important it was for me to read my bible, and to talk to the Lord regularly about my troubles.

Once Pastor Barrye began to minister and pray for me, I felt the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders. Pastor Barrye helped me to remember that the Lord is with us always, especially during our most darkest hour as Pastor Barrye has shown me, all I have to do is seek the Lord during these times, and the Lord will hear me, and answer my prayers.

As with most people I still struggle with the notion of turning everything over to Jesus, however, as I practice this with the guidance of Pastor Barrye, it gets easier. My life has become so much less stressful as I incorporate the simple practices I have learned from Barrye. God bless Pastor Barrye!
Stephanie, West Palm Beach, Florida.

I can not praise Jesus enough for Pastor Barrye! Pastor Barrye is truly Good Ground and a safe safe refuge for anointed and timely word. Pastor Barrye Harmon exercised much patience with me during a very dark dark time in my life. I would like to tell you that I was going through a lot obstacles and trials from the enemy, but that would not be totally true. Truth is…..I was saved in July 1992 and walked with the Lord for a solid two years, but after 1994, I tried to run from God and the calling in my life.

I went into complete rebellion, not able to fathom how God could love nor use someone like me. In all my running, I have been in some of the darkest areas you could ever imagine and done some of the most evil things not needing to be described. The more I committed them the less I saw the light, and didn’t believe I would ever be forgiven, much less forgiven for all the pain I had caused to so many.

I was in debt, alone, struggling, hurting, and at times living off of mashed potatoes and ketchup until my next pay check. But, about 4 months ago (give or take) from today (08 Dec 2014), Pastor Barrye began to speak into my life, he shared with me the mercy of God and the reality that I needed to make a decision, for my eternal life was in the balance. Pastor Barrye have invested many many hours, emails and phone calls with me. He has never failed to be there for me and to speak TRUTH. Not watered down, not compromising, nor even a word to ease my emotions. Instead, he came with Life Giving Truth…at times causing much joy in my life and at times a good Godly rebuke.

But I can tell you today, through Jesus and Pastor Barrye Harmon, whom He used as His vessel to reach out to me, I AM SAVED! Not only am I saved, I have been equipped to be a soldier for Christ! I have been given SOLID LIFE GIVING word, instructions, and guidance that has brought a whole new love for God, life, and my calling! I would also like to add, since tithing through his ministry (In only 4 months time), the Lord has increased my finances through a HUGE promotion!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank you Pastor Barrye, I love you deeply, and thank God for you!
Lorenzo, Oakland, California.

When I met Pastor Barrye I was broken beyond repair. I had lost any, and all hope, and my self-esteem was unrepairable. Through the counseling and coaching of Barrye, I was able to overcome those demons which had tormented me for 46 years; demons from my past and present. Pastor helped me to rebuild my self-esteem which allows me to live freely. No longer am I in bondage. I became free from an abusive marriage of more than 5 years. I was able to face my demons head on, and forgive the tormenters of my past.
Libby, Tulsa, Oklahoma.