Spiritual Covering

If you have left the church, not a member of a church, do not have access to a physical church or if you live in a rural area or don’t have transportation to attend a church or are sick and shut-in or you are just tired of the same old-same-old or are needing to be fed meat and not milk, and you are reading this…then the Lord has sent you here.

God does not live in a physical church building, God wants to live in you! You are to be His holy temple! If you need a place to worship God, receive God’s word, to have your spiritual needs met and serve the Lord through your giving while growing in Jesus, you have found that place. We invite you to worship with us, learn with us, and make us your spiritual covering, and to use us as a resource to teach you how to live a holy and godly life – a kingdom life!

The time has come for you to become spiritually covered under the Kingdom of God, and the anointing of this Ministry!

What does it mean to have a Spiritual Covering through Christ?

Definition of Spiritual Covering: Having one who is called by God (created) to be held accountable for another persons spiritual well-being. To feed spiritual truths to them, and be a shepherd to lead them into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Barrye Harmon Ministries provides many of the same benefits you would receive in a church setting. But we also provide other benefits you cannot receive in a church setting: you can worship God at any time of the day or night 24/7, you don’t have to get dressed up for Church and leave home any more, you can praise and worship God in the privacy of your own home, online. You can worship God anywhere you choose, while being able to receive the word, or take communion in the presence of your own atmosphere without pressure from other people is glorious.

The rules that man/religion puts upon people becomes a stronghold against them, and so the true worship of God no longer exists in a Church setting. You can worship God online, just as you would worship God in a Church setting. The only thing missing is the gathering together of other believers.

But this too, can be achieved by forming a home bible-study group with other people, friends, or family. Don’t let Satan or man stop you from serving God online if God puts it in your heart to worship Him online. Your blessings and prosperity will be wherever God tells you to worship Him!

Pastor Harmon is the Spiritual Covering/Shepherd for many people located in Europe, the United States, and the Philippines through this Online Ministry. If your Church needs a Spiritual Covering fill-out the form below.

Spiritual Covering Benefits/Expectations

1. You’ll have direct access to the Pastor using his personal email address. This gives you the ability to contact the Pastor when you need prayer for a particular circumstance in your life, for counseling, guidance, for sickness, or an attack from the enemy.

2. You’ll have the ability to give your tithes and offerings. This is another important benefit to have as this gives you the ability to keep in covenant with God, keep food on your table, and to keep God’s hand of protection over your head as this protection keeps Satan from attacking your finances, and every area of your life.

3. You will receive 20% off forever on all products in our Bookstore.


* Follow our beliefs (Statement of Faith)
* Live daily in a holy, righteous, and godly manner always being humble
* Pray daily for yourself
* Read your bible daily
* Watch our weekly broadcasts to receive God’s message for you
* Pay your tithes to God and give your offerings
* Always strive to be diligent and cheerful in your financial support for this Ministry
* When you need prayer, use the Prayer Request Form to send in your prayer requests
* Read, learn, and apply “The Kingdom Believer’s Life™ Handbook” to your daily life (You will receive a free copy when you receive your Spiritual Covering)
* Use God’s Kingdom Principles to learn about the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven
* When you encounter difficulties in your life or need personal counseling or guidance for your life, email Pastor Harmon

This is what God expects of you! This list of expectations is no different from that which was expected of you in a Church.

Remember, when you receive your Spiritual Covering you also come into fellowship with God. Shortly after we have received your information, you will receive a phone call from Pastor Barrye, welcoming you to Barrye Harmon Ministries.

To receive your Spiritual Covering and to make us your Home of Worship, click on this link to complete the form.